2013-02-06 / Crime

Sheriff’s Report

Jim Brown

Wood County Sheriff’s Department activities for the past week included:

January 30 - Deputy Chris Turner took an assault report on County Road 2132 in the Clear Lakes area. A man said he had been assaulted earlier at another location after an altercation over medicine. The deputy issued criminal trespass warnings to both men involved for each others’ property.

Deputy Kevin Atkinson was dispatched to CR 2700 in the Mineola area on a burglary of a habitation. A man had arrived home after a brief absence to find doors tampered with and some of his property missing.

Deputy Chris Turner was dispatched to CR 2388 in the Alba area where someone had discarded numerous bags of trash in the county right-of-way.

Lt. Robert Holland took a report from a woman reporting a routine background check by a prospective employer revealed her social security number was being used for employment purposes by a Hispanic male. She was advised to contact all three credit bureaus and take other measures to make sure she is protected.

Deputy Bradley Armendariz was dispatched to a residence on CR 2230 where a man reported he had been hospitalized and returned home to find several firearms missing from the residence and some of his belongings out of place.

January 29 - Deputy Donivan South was dispatched to the district attorney’s office to meet a man about a fraud report. The man, who resides out of state, said his elderly mother was incarcerated in the Wood County Jail on charges related to non-sufficient fund checks he believed she didn’t write. He was convinced his brother was responsible and he was working with the DA’s office to get her released, including providing copies of bank documents. The complainant’s mother was released to his care and custody.

Deputy South responded to CR 3400 in the Hawkins area on a structure fire. The Hawkins Fire Department was already on the scene but was unable to save the structure. Neighbors told the deputy the house had been unoccupied since the owner was moved to an assisted living facility.

Deputy Aaron Warren was dispatched to a residence on CR 1260 in the Lake Fork area on complaint a mailbox had been struck and destroyed by an unknown vehicle. While photographing the damage, Warren located a headlight lens among the wreckage and identified it as belonging to a Toyota. Warren drove the street attempting to locate a Toyota with front end damage and found a minivan on the same county road as the complainant. The deputy spoke with the owner and matched up the lens to the minivan. There was also paint on the vehicle matching the mailbox. The owner said he would replace the mailbox for the complainant.

January 28 - Deputy Stephen Cates was dispatched to Jarvis Christian College in Hawkins where a student said his cellphone was taken from his room while he was out. Nothing else was missing and he had already placed a call to AT&T to have the phone shut off.

Cates was dispatched to a residence on CR 2210 in the Mineola area where a man had found evidence in his garage that someone had tried to burglarize his truck and found a scratch on his truck to support his theory. Nothing was missing and his aftermarket alarm had not been activated.

Deputy Kevin Atkinson was dispatched to a private road in the Winnsboro area where a woman said a drunk woman had been parked on her property, but had just left and driven onto to her neighbors’ property. The deputy drove to a second location where he found the woman standing outside her vehicle and arrested Lindsay Nichole Arnett, 26, of Quinlan, for public intoxication.

A deputy responded to a location at CR 2800 and CR 2820. A man said he had arrived at his property and noticed several things missing including a new tractor battery, a five-gallon propane tank with torch attached, and a handicapped potty chair.

January 27 - Deputy Josh O’Grady was dispatched to a location on CR 3450 in the Hawkins area where a woman returned home to find curtains disturbed and the window screen undone. Her television was missing.

Deputy Bradley Armendariz took a report from a homeowner on CR 2805 in the Mineola area who reported someone had taken a large amount of pet food and various small tools from the residence. There are suspects.

January 26 - Deputies Austin Cryer and Chris Turner were dispatched to a disturbance at a residence on CR 4471 in the Winnsboro area. When the deputies arrived, the complainant and the actor had fled the scene. Within five minutes, the complainant returned to the scene and she, as well as a witness, gave a statement. Photographs of the injuries were taken. Deputies searched the area but were unable to locate the suspect.

There was a report at Holly Lake Ranch on a burglary of a building where someone had broken into a building near the golf shop and damaged a golf cart as well as the garage door. There are suspects.

O’Grady took a report at a residence on CR 1681 in the Alba area from a homeowner who had returned to the residence to find a door kicked in and two drills missing.

Deputy Austin Cryer responded to the Winnsboro Mother Frances Emergency where a five-year-old girl had been taken after being bitten in the face by a dog sustaining lacerations near her left eye. The dog will be quarantined and returned to its owner provided it proves to be healthy.

A deputy was dispatched to a scrap yard on highway 80 west of Mineola area on a report of found property involving theft of copper. An employee of a local electric company met the deputy and told him he had received information that stolen copper was located there. The electric company employee also noticed neutral copper wire, used in power lines, lying in the floor. Employees of the scrap yard provided the name of a person who had been selling copper there since 2011. A warrant had been issued.

Deputy Sam Threadgill took a report that small children were crawling on a floor which contained animal waste at a location on CR 1660 in the Alba area. He did not find the conditions as described and the case was closed.

January 25 – A deputy took a report of a burglary of a storage building facility on Farm-to-Market 2869 in the Holly Lake are. A man reported numerous cabinets and other items had been left in disarray in the RV he stores there.

Deputy Dustin went to a home on FM 69 in the Quitman area in response to a call from a mother who said her son was intoxicated on something and was causing problems. The son was found to be in possession of drug paraphernalia. This case was cleared with the arrest of Daniel Elon Johnson, 19, of Como.

Deputy Moffett met with an employee of Wood County Electric Cooperative on CR 4460 in the Winnsboro area on a copper theft. With information from the employee and a nearby landowner, Moffett located a suspect vehicle whose owner denied being in the area where the theft occurred and gave a consent for the vehicle to be searched. A thorough search was conducted and no stolen property was located in the vehicle.

January 24 – A deputy was dispatched to a mini storage facility on Highway 37 in the Mineola area where it appeared the gate had been damaged and a chain cut to gain access. The manager stated three units had the locks cut off but it was unknown if anything was missing.

A deputy was dispatched to CR 3590 in the Winnsboro area on a report of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. In the complainant’s call to 911, he told the dispatcher he had seen his vehicle before going to bed the previous night and that both sets of keys were left in the car. The deputy received a tip that led to information that the complainant had fled from Gilmer police the following evening and abandoned the car. The deputy contacted Gilmer police and verified the story. This case has been changed to false report to a peace officer and the sheriff’s department is working with the Gilmer Police to assist with their case.

Deputy Heath Richardson was dispatched to a location on CR 1570 in the Alba area on a report of a house blocking the road. Richardson determined that the move was properly permitted but had simply encountered an issue with trees blocking the way. Within 10 minutes of the deputy’s arrival, the house was moved allowing vehicles to pass.

January call summary 911 Hang Up 5 Abandoned Vehicle 2 Agency Assist 30 Alarm 25 Animal Bite 1 Animal General 6 Assault 12 Assault by Contact 3 Attempted Suicide 1 ATV on Roadway 3 Burglary of a Building 9 Burglary of a Habitation 22 Burglary of a Motor Vehicle 2 Child Abuse 9 Child Custody 12 Child Endangerment 2 Child Protective Services 3 Civil 32 Counterfeit Money 1 Cows Out 24 Criminal Mischief 27 Criminal Trespass 25 Cruelty of Animals 11 Deadly Conduct 3 Death Notification 1 Disorderly Conduct 3 Dispute 15 Disturbance 8 Dog Bite 6 Dog Problem 44 Driving While License Invalid 1 Drug Offenses 1 Dumping 3 Elderly Abuse 1 Evading Arrest 1 Fail to Register as a Sex Offender 1 False Report 1 Fireworks 2 Forgery 1 Found Property 7 Fraud 7 Harassment 7 Horses Out 14 Hospice Death 1 Identity Theft 3 Incident 4 Indecency 1 Information 18 Inquest 6 Intoxicated Person 1 Juvenile Dispute 2 Medication Theft 1 Mental 6 Minor in Possession 2

No Insurance 1
Noise Disturbance 15
Open Door 2
Other 9
Overdose 1
Pedestrian in Roadwa 1
Phone Harassment 15
Possession of Drug Paraphernalia 1
Prowler 6
Public Intoxication 1
Reckless Driver 4
Scam 7
Sex Offender 1
Sexual Assault 2
Shots Fired 1
Stolen Vehicle 1
Structure Fire 6
Suicide 1
Suspicious Activity 21
Suspicious Person 10
Suspicious Vehicle 11
Terroristic Threat 14
Theft 24
Theft of Copper 9
Traffic Stop 11
Transport 4
Unauthorized Use of Motor
Vehicle 6
Vehicle Blocking Roadway 2
Warrants 8
Welfare Check 30
Total Calls 684
Call Summary by Area
Alba 52
Hawkins 87
Mineola 127
Quitman 131
Winnsboro 95
Yantis 73
Current Jail Population 86
Males 72
Females 14
Bookings 32
Releases 29

Arrests and Complaints Betty Ruth Love, 71, of Winnsboro, motion to adjudicate guilt theft by check more than $500 less than $1500.

Thomas Calvin Climer, Jr., 41, of Mineola, theft of property more than $50 less than $500.

Jeremy Michael Burns, 32, of Winnsboro, possession of a controlled substance penalty group one, more than one gram less than four grams, with intent to deliver; possession of a controlled substance penalty group one; manufacturing and delivery of a controlled substance penalty group one, less than one gram.

Jacqueline Britton, 43, of Mineola, blue warrant.

Daniel Elon Johnson, 19, of Como, possession of drug paraphernalia.

Mary Annette Hayden, 42, of Mineola, driving while license invalid; failure to maintain financial responsibility; and failure to appear, altered/ unclear/obscured license plate.

Billy Joe Rosser, 54, of Lindale, driving while intoxicated third or more; open container in vehicle; no driver’s license; possession of drug paraphernalia capias; two counts of public intoxication-capias.

Rebecca Jeanne Burnett, 54, of Yantis, motion to revoke driving while license invalid with previous.

James Padgett, 52, of Mineola, driving while license suspended with previous suspension, release of surety.

Howard Ottis Killian, 45, of Hawkins, possession of a controlled substance penalty group one, less than one gram, motion to revoke.

Robert Hayes Gwin, 41, of Big Sandy, criminal mischief, more than $50 less than $500.

Jose A. Gonzales, 27, of Alba, possession of marijuana, less than two ounces.

Reba Kay Shaw, 55, of Tyler, fraudulent indentifcation information.

Brenda Kay Cox, 49, of Winnsboro, theft, more than $20,000 and less than $100,000.

William Blake Degen, 29, of Sulphur Springs, assault family violence with previous conviction and assault bodily injury family violence.

Roy Dean Cepeda, 54, of Alba, driving while intoxicated third or more.

James Michael Curtis, 23, of Mineola, possession of a controlled substance penalty group one, less than one gram, motion to revoke.

Seth Michael Simmons, 25, of Hawkins, reckless and excess of speed; intoxication assault; tampering with physical evidence.

Jerry Dewayne Crawford, 39, of Quitman, driving while intoxicated 3rd motion to revoke.

Michael Marshall, 44, of Quitman, two counts of theft, more than $1,500 and less than $20,000 motion to revoke.

Lesley Henderson, 65, of Eagle Town, OK, driving while intoxicated 3rd.

Walter Wayne Hall, 19, of Conroe, motion to adjudicate guilt of theft ,more than $1,500 and less than $20,000 and motion to adjudicate guilt burglary of a building.

Brian Idell Tennison, 26, of Gladewater, unlawful possession of a firearm, motion to revoke.

Lindsay Nichole Arnett, 26, of Quinlan, public intoxication and criminal mischief, more than $50 less than $500.

Samantha Jeanne Henderson, 31 of Mt. Vernon, theft by check, more than $20 less than $500.

Shawn Anthony Mc- Schooler, 19, of Mineola, evading arrest detention and possession of marijuana, less than two ounces.

Bennett Todd Turner, 18, of Mineola, possession of a controlled substance penalty group one, more than one gram less than four grams; possession of a controlled substance penalty group one, less than one gram, in a drug free zone; possession of a controlled substance penalty group three, less than 28 grams; possession of a dangerous drug; and evading arrest.

Jerome Allen Easthouse, 25, of Winnsboro, aggravated assault causing serious bodily injury. Robert Hayes Gwin, 41, of Big Sandy, motion to adjudicate guilt aggravated assault family violence with a weapon.

Nathenial Wesley, 39, of Hawkins, theft, more than $500 less than $1,500 from a non-profit and nonpayment of child support.

William Lee Honea, 31, of Yantis, aggravated assault of a peace officer; out of county warrant; non-payment of child support; possession of a controlled substance penalty group thee, less than 28 grams; and possession of marijuana, less than two ounces.

Vinince Paul Jones, 28, of Winnsboro, motion to revoke probation.

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