2013-03-27 / Crime

Arrest Report

Robert Lee Bailey, 50, of Quitman, blue warrant.

John Gorden Haymes, 25, of Chandler, possession of dangerous drug; possession of marijuana, less than two ounces.

Alec Zachary Bates, 18, of Quitman, driving while intoxicated; motion to revoke, driving while intoxicated.

Luis Ramos, 26, of Mineola, motion to revoke driving while intoxicated.

Marta Patricia Torres, 37, of Winnsboro, failure to identify, motion to adjudicate guilt.

David Barron Soto, 37, of Winnsboro, no driver’s license.

Marie Ann Phillips Carlson, 47, of Leesburg, driving while intoxicated; possession of marijuana, less than two ounces.

Nancy E. Stringer, 51, of Hawkins, burglary of a habitation.

Frank James, 39, of Yantis, driving while license invalid.

Jonathan Matthew Salas, 24, of Mt. Pleasant, evade arrest/detention with vehicle.

Bastian Blade Collins Burnett, 19, of Winnsboro, motion to revoke, possession of marijuana.

Isaac Mota, 19, of Mt.

Pleasant, possession of marijuana, less than two ounces.

Rosa Ilda Garcia-Lozano, 46, of Mineola, no driver’s license.

Courtney Lynn Harmon, 19, of Hamburg,

NY, criminal trespass, railroad.

Christina Elaine Jenkins, of New York, NY, criminal trespass, railroad.

Nicholas Christian

Sargent, 23, of West Seneca, NY, criminal trespass, railroad.

Curry Morgan Noel,

33, of Winnsboro, no driver’s license.

Layne Lee Glenn, 53, of Yantis, injury to a child with intent bodily injury; assault, bodily injury, family violence.

Curtis W. Peek, Jr., 40, of Hawkins, driving while license invalid.

Jerry Tom Rogers, 74, of Quitman, driving while intoxicated, second offense.

Renea Antionette Marx, 46, of Hawkins, possession of dangerous drug; prohibited substance in correctional facility.

Dean Stewart Myers, Jr., 47, of Tyler, speeding.

Gregory Lyndall Holt, 45, of Greenville, motion to revoke probation, possession of a controlled substance.

Gabrielle Denise Jones, 25, of Mineola, assault causes bodily injury.

Kerry Lynn Sanders, 28, of Alba, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon; unlawful possession of a firearm by felon.

Carol Marlene Muirhead, 62, of Lindale, driving while intoxicated, enhanced.

Jeff Taylor, 48, of Quitman, assault, causes bodily injury.

Wesley Bryan Evans, 24, of Mineola, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Jason Wayne Belcher, 34, of Mineola, failure to comply with sex offender registration.

Olice Cleo McClain, 62, of Winnsboro, driving while intoxicated.

Willard Roy Drake, 19, of Mineola, driving while intoxicated.

Brian Corley Fannin, 34, of Winnsboro, possession of marijuana, less than two ounces.

Opal Williams Ananti, 56, of Ft. Worth, false report to peace officer, release of surety; forgery; bail jumping and failure to appear.

Seth Lyn Petrick, 19, of Winnsboro, possession of marijuana, less than two ounces.

Marla Dianne Bowman Hyde, 47, of Dike, issuance of bad check.

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