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Sheriff’s Report

Jim Brown

May 10

Deputy Aaron Warren took a burglary of a building report from a residence on CR 3860. A shed next to a residence had several items removed in the overnight hours including several Craftsman tool sets; two air compressors and a shop vacuum. Information about possible suspects was collected at the scene and the case has been forwarded to an investigator.

Sgt. Tim Baucom responded to a disturbance in progress at a residence on CR 4290. Baucom made contact with a male subject who stated that he and his adult daughter got into an altercation and her two front teeth were knocked out but he was not sure how. Baucom then made contact with the female who stated that her father had hit her in the mouth with a closed fist, knocking out her teeth. The woman was transported for medical attention and Daniel Moses, 52, of Pickton, was arrested for the offense of assault causing bodily injury, family member.

Deputy David Hitt took a scam report from a complainant who stated that she had been contacted the night before by a man identifying himself as an agent for her insurance company and the man stated that he would be coming to her house this morning at 10 a.m. Hitt made contact with the woman’s insurance company and was informed that they do not send representatives out to clients’ homes. The woman was advised to call 911 if the man showed up at her home. Later in the morning, the woman called to say the man had shown up and Deputies Hitt and Donivan South were dispatched to the woman’s residence. The deputies made contact with the man and identified him. The man was in possession of documentation showing that he was licensed by the state as an insurance salesman but the documentation had expired in February. The man also had in his possession paperwork showing an insurance company with which the woman supposedly had a policy. The complainant steadfastly denied having a policy with the company and stated that she did not want the man on her property. The man was issued a Criminal Trespass Warning and advised not to return to the property.

May 11

Deputy David Hitt took a burglary of a habitation report from a complainant on Hwy 11 who stated that sometime in the past four days someone had entered his residence and taken several items. The complainant further stated he believes the unlocked back door was the point of entry. Missing from the residence was a TV, some small tools and a guitar. This case has been assigned to an investigator.

Deputy Donivan South was dispatched to a criminal trespass call on PR 5387. The complainant stated that he and his wife had arrived at their RV to find a man sitting on their porch watching a campfire that he had built on the property. The complainant also stated that several items were now located outside the RV that had been inside the RV. Deputy South made contact with the trespasser who refused to identify himself until advised of the penalty for failure to do so. The trespasser then fled the scene and went to his own property next door and refused to come out. Deputy David Hitt and Sheriff Jim Brown arrived on scene to assist with the call. Sheriff Brown was able to talk the man into coming out of his house and the man subsequently admitted to being on his neighbor’s property and starting the fire using wood and other items that did not belong to him. Byron Kenneth Evans, 49, of Yantis was arrested for the offense of theft of property >$50, $500, and transported to jail without incident.

May 12

Deputy David Hitt was dispatched to a burglary of a building that occurred on CR 3980. The complainant stated that someone had taken several items from his barn and a leaf blower from his carport. Items missing from the barn include a Craftsman air compressor with a 33 gallon storage tank and a Stihl chainsaw in an orange case. This case has been turned over to investigators.

Deputy Kevin Atkinson took a report of criminal mischief from a complainant on CR 1540 who stated that sometime during the night he had heard shots fired in the area of his deer lease. A check of the property revealed that the man’s deer feeder had been moved from its previous location and the internal components had been ripped out and damaged. Evidence was collected at the scene and turned over to investigators who will work the case from this point on.

May 14

Deputy Austin Cryer took a report of cruelty to animals from a complainant at Holly Lake Ranch who stated that his neighbor had admitted to possibly killing one of the complainant’s cats by hitting it with a golf club after it scratched him. The complainant believed the cat to be dead as he had not seen the cat for two days. The cat returned home the following day, alive but severely injured about the head, and was taken to a veterinary clinic for treatment. The cat had teeth knocked out and internal damage that required surgery to repair. This case has been forwarded to CID.

Deputy Dustin Moffett took a report from a man on CR 4849 who stated that he had returned home from several days away to find a back window of his residence broken out and a nickel plated Mossberg Cruiser shotgun missing from his bedroom. The man further stated that several other firearms were in the room and easily accessible but were not disturbed. This case has been forwarded to investigators.

May 15

Deputy David Hitt took a report from a complainant on FM 515 who stated that someone had gone in his house and stacked things just inside the door as though they were getting ready to load it up. Nothing was found to be missing from the residence. The man also advised that his brother has a camper trailer on the property and it had previously been broken into. This case has been forwarded to an investigator.

CID Summary

Friday, May 10th, investigators went to a residence located south of Winnsboro. Investigators located property stolen from Upshur and Gregg County including a skid steer and a four wheeler as well as a cattle trailer. Estimated value of the recovery is $15,000 and warrants will be issued for three individuals.

Monday, May 13th, investigators uncovered a theft ring based out of the Quitman area. There were at least five individuals involved who are responsible for 40 verified burglaries and thefts all over the county. Investigators have recovered approximately $20,000 worth of stolen items are still working to clear more cases with the continued recovery of stolen property. Warrants are being issued for these individuals.


05/10/13 through 05/16/13

Jennifer Marie Edwards, 30, Alba, failure to maintain financial responsibility, failure to appear.

Richard Allen Nicholson, 55, Mineola, organized retail theft >$50, $500; resisting arrest/ search/transport; possession of a controlled substance, penalty group one, < 1 gram.

Terry Ray Montgomery, Jr., 26, Sulphur Springs, theft of property, >$500, < $1,500; evading arrest/detention with a vehicle.

Shayla Beth Wright, 23, Odessa, no liability insurance.

Bennie Alfred Williams, Jr., 70, Conroe, theft of property >$20,000 <$100,000.

Jennifer Nicole Chambers, 34, Tool, 4 counts debit/credit card abuse.

Terri Lynne Johnson, 58, Mineola, driving while intoxicated, third or more.

Daniel Moses, 52, Pickton, assault causes bodily injury, family member.

Larry Joe Phelan, 55, Wills Point, bail jumping, failure to appear; aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Steven Krietemeyer, 38, Winnsboro, driving while license invalid, enhanced.

Hans Niek Bos, 30, Yantis, driving while intoxicated, second.

Melissa Ann Thompson, 51, Hawkins, harboring runaway child.

Jacob Chandler, 20, Quitman, theft of property >$50 <$500.

Tyler Ray Gailey, 28, Quitman, theft of property >$50<$500

Byron Kenneth Evans, 49, Yantis, theft of property >$50<$500.

Myranda Ruby Youngblood, 34, Quitman, assault causing bodily injury, family violence.

Sherry Arlene Boles, 49, Linden, burglary of a habitation.

Leonard Ray Gover, 45, Quitman, theft of property >$50<$500.

Jamaal Letrace Hargrave, 31, Mt. Vernon, violate criminal trespass warning.

Francisco Rodriguez, 23, Grand Saline, public intoxication.

Douglas Wayne Mc- Bride, 43, Alba, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, motion to adjudicate guilt; evades motor fuel tax.

Carlos Benetiz Martinez, 21, Grand Saline, public intoxication.

Jose Luis Benitez Martinez,

22, Grand Saline, driving while intoxicated, ICE hold.

Lee Adrian Bradshaw, 51, Alba, motion to revoke, driving while intoxicated, third.

Johnny Harris, 61, Mineola, driving while intoxicated, third or more.

David Brent Vaughn, 50, Winnsboro, driving while intoxicated, second.

Todd Raymond Ladd, 18, Quitman, engaging in organized criminal activity.

Shane Karl King-Davis, 17, Quitman, theft <$50 by possession.

Michelle Marsh, 42, Winnsboro, resisting arrest/ search/transport.

Ashley Wesley, 28, Yantis, forgery.

Roy Lawrence Warren, 42, Mineola, indecency with a child, exposure, enhanced.

Todd Short, 41, Mineola, deadly conduct; unlawful restraint.

Earl Trammell Gee, 45, Mineola, criminal non support.

Kevin Wayne Clark, 25, Longview, driving while intoxicated, motion to revoke.

Delani Nissen, 36, Mineola, no valid license.

Adam Fidel Romo, 21, Lindale, injury to a child with bodily injury, bench warrant.

Jimmie Ann Stephens, 63, Chandler, theft of property >$20<$500.

Gregg Deion Roland, 40, Hawkins, theft >$500<$1,500.

Jose A. Gonzales, 27, Alba, possession of marijuana, under two ounces, commitment.

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